Hello my beauties! I've had the most amazing 4 days - I definitely updated you guys through Instagram & Snapchat but I just felt this trip needed a dedicated blog post to do it justice. 

My family & I have visited the beautiful island of Langkawi several times in the past but have only stayed within the Pantai Cenang area (which is a busy and popular location among tourists). On this much needed break, we had the opportunity to stay at Langkawi's The Danna, a beautiful hotel located on the west side of the island, Pantai Kok. 

We were driving up extremely winding yet scenic roads for a good 15 minutes before reaching the hotel and as you can probably tell by the hotel's front, we were impressed to say the least, and knew the next few days were going to be nothing short of amazing.

As we drove in to the lobby, we were immediately greeted by 2 concierge members - one, who attended to our bags and the other, led us to the seating area, which was also where they offered seated check-ins. We were then given a refreshing drink as well as a 15-minute shoulder massage. We had a pretty early flight, so knowing we could immediately lounge on comfy sofas, sip on a fresh beverage WHILE getting a massage? It was a DREAM. 

Because it was still early, our rooms weren't ready and so we thought we'd grab a bite to eat at the hotel while waiting. We headed to their coffee shop, Strait's & Co. - which had a beautiful view of the pool through open oversized doors. The cool breeze felt amazing. Although the meals were on the pricier side, it was well worth it. 
Apart from the fact the hotel was absolutely stunning (it boasts a colonial yet modern feel with extremely high ceilings and an open atmosphere) the service was truly out of this world. We were in absolute awe at how friendly, accommodating and helpful the staff were. The coffeehouse itself had an extensive menu selection but all three of us decided to order Malaysian food - which was absolutely delicious (and such a generous serving too!)

Prawn Curry Laksa - RM56 (USD13)
Nasi Goreng (Malaysian Fried Rice) - RM61 (USD14)
Beef Rendang with Rice - RM59 (USD13)

After lunch, we headed straight to our beautiful room - equipped with a king sized bed, a vanity table (always a plus for my extra self lol), a beautiful bathroom and a huge balcony, overlooking the Marina. 

Photo Credit: - we got way too comfortable before I could even take a photo!

Once we freshened up, it was time to explore the hotel! As an avid Instagram user, the Danna is honestly one of the most Instagram-worthy hotels I've been to. From the striking blue wall by the pool side (below), an infinity pool (bee-tee-dubs, it's the largest pool on the island!), it's own private beach with picturesque mountains close-by and not to mention the stunning architecture of the hotel itself - it was truly a sight for sore eyes. It was at this very moment, we realised we had ZERO intentions of leaving the premises for the rest of our stay and best believe, we did exactly that. We swam, we ate, we laid *on repeat* the entire trip and I wouldn't have had it any other way!

So, feast your eyes on the pictures below - hopefully it inspires you in one way or another. Whether it is to finally take that long overdue break you deserve, or to visit this beautiful hotel or to merely draw some inspiration from the outfits for your next vacay!

Loved that this ZALORA off shoulder swimsuit could pass as a top! Paired with this magenta maxi purchased from a random store in Bali years ago!

Pool day wouldn't be complete without chips!
I'm so glad my sister captured this candid moment - it perfectly shows how all the staff at The Danna were. Greeting you with warm smiles and always going out of their way to make you comfortable. I was asked if I wanted a drink or my sunglasses cleaned!

On the second day, after spending the entire morning and early afternoon by the pool/ beach (it was bliss), we decided to try the Afternoon Tea Set at the hotels' Straits & Co. The Set was RM120 (approx. USD28) for two and was absolutely DIVINE. We appreciated the pastry chef was able to specially cater to our dietary requirements (my mum is allergic to gluten, and myself, allergic to nuts) Allergies can be such a pain and it's such a relief when restaurants are accommodating!

Dress: ZALORA Floral Off Shoulder Maxi, Jewellery: Lovisa Hoop Earrings 

On our final night, we decided to take a little break from Asian food and indulge in a beautiful Italian dinner at The Terrace (also in the hotel). Since it was our last night, we decided to dress up a little - I wore this beautiful rose gold dress from Forever 21, paired with a bold lip (DOLL by Kylie Cosmetics). 
We made our reservations a little later just so we could first lay out in these adorable cabanas, watching the sun go down - the sunset was breathtaking. 

 Dress: FOREVER21, Jewellery: Lovisa, Sandals: Nelissa Hilman, Sunglasses: QUAY Australia 'High Key'
This beautiful couple couldn't have picked a better time to be by the beach. PS. I had to share the photo with them!
Acciughe e Pinoli - Brocolli Fettucine - RM57 (USD13)
Costolette Di Agnello Scottabito - RM115 (USD26)

And there you have it! I had the most amazing time and came home feeling incredible refreshed and energised. It just goes to show - sometimes you just need a little break from the hustle & bustle (especially if you live in the city!)

With that said, I hope you enjoyed reading this post - I definitely took my time to put this together because I wanted to truly share the experience with you in the best way I could :) 
Also, I will most definitely continue to post beauty related posts but since I've grown to love travel as of late - I thought I'd share that side of me too. 

After all, beauty comes in all forms - inside and all around us #alittlecheesy #butitstrue

LOVE YOU my beauties & see you in the next post! 



  1. Hello Tashy it's Asala! I love you so sooo much❤️ The pics are so unreal they're beautiful ��

  2. Hi Tashy! The photos are amazing and you look beautiful! The hotel looks great for holidays 👌

  3. Hi gorgeous. Enjoyed reading you blog! Felt like i was there myself. I live thousands of mile away so its nice to get a peek of vacation desitinations over there 😃👍🏻


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