The Perfect Wing Every Single Time?!

A winged eye has definitely become a staple in my makeup routine (I almost feel naked without it) but getting it right was definitely not an easy ride. After years of frustration and eyeliners being thrown to the ground, (you know you've done it too) I feel like I have finally mastered how to achieve a FOOL PROOF WING.

Things you NEED to know:

1) I'm sure you've heard this countless times before but slaying that wing takes a whole lot of practice. Your first attempts may make you feel like you want to throw every single eyeliner you own out the window (unless you're naturally talented and kill it on the first go - if that's the case, I don't know if we can be friends) but the more you try, the better you'll get. PROMISE.

2) The type of eyeliner you use makes all the difference. Gel? Felt Tip? Pencil? Liquid? So. Many. Options. I've found it's easier to start off with a felt tip (smudge-proof) as it gives you more control because it's just like holding a pen! Once you've mastered your technique, transitioning into the other types will be a breeze. For me, I now love using gel liner (Tarteist Clay Paint) with an angled brush.


      L'oreal Super Liner                          NYX The Curve                         Kat Von D Tattoo

3) If you've got shaky hands, stabilising yourself by resting your elbow on a table with your pinky against your cheek will prevent sudden jerks, which will reduce the chance of you messing up!

4) Your head/ eye position is also equally important - try to keep your head straight with your mirror low so your eyes are looking down. That way, you have a better view of your entire lid space and it's just much easier to work with.

With that said - between each stroke, look straight ahead to see how the line is looking because it can look slightly different once your eyes are open (depending on your eye shape) Note: This is also why using a smudge-proof eyeliner is important.

5) For me, the most nerve-racking part of eyeliner application is the end/tail and so I like to start with the tail just to get it out of the way.

To make sure your eyeliner is even on both sides, first draw your tail on one eye and then immediately draw another tail on the other eye. Make sure that first step is even on both sides (if they're not, just wipe it off and try again :)) before continuing the wing.

This saves you your frustration of seeing uneven wings at the end, when you've already spent forever drawing them on #youfeelme?

I know it's so much easier to learn visually - so here's my tutorial on slaying that wing! 





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  2. Ur makeup is totally flawless. Would love more tutorials from u.:)

  3. Your just so amazing❤️ Love you boo��

  4. Thank you Tashy! Really good tips and I loved the video ❤

  5. So glad you enjoyed it my love! 💕


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