How To Make Your Curls Last!

Let me paint a scenario - you wake up, get in the shower. You come out and it's time to start dealing with your mane. You heat up the curler, section off your hair and get to curlin'.  Your arms get a little sore but you persevere! You're now done with hair, it's time for makeup. Lastly, it's time to change into your outfit of the day and start your slayage. 
You take one last look in the mirror and notice something's a little off. 
Oh, that's right, the hair you spent an hour curling.... IS NO LONGER CURLED. 
I feel you girl, I feel you. This was me for SO many years but I feel that I have finally for my hair routine down to a tee. 
Here are some tips to not make your hard work go to waste and make sure those curls stay in place. (I'm such a poet, aren't I)

Tip 1
I think the most important tip that I can give you that will probably be a game changer for some, is to curl day old hair (if you can go without washing for 2 days, that would be even better) Personally, I curl my hair a lot and I definitely notice a difference in how my hair curls right after I've shampooed and blowdried, and how it curls the next morning. "Dirtier" hair has natural oils that will generally hold your hair in place a lot easier and tends to last much longer.

Tip 2
For my stick straight haired beauties, I'd recommend using styling creams prior to your styling tools. This will give your hair the texture it needs in order to hold the curls. My current favourite is OUAI's Texturising Spray - it gives you just the right amount of texture, without your hair feeling heavy or 'crunchy' like some texturisers can feel.

Tip 3
Applying a little hair spray to your hair and waiting for a few seconds for the product to settle BEFORE styling can make all the difference.  Just be sure to brush your hair out well after spraying, to get rid of the crispiness. After styling, you can spray yet again, to lock it in further!

Tip 4
When curling each section of your hair, try to let the curls fall in the palm of your hands (as seen in Instagram video below) Allowing the hair to cool in your hands first, maintains the curl and bounce. 

Tip 5
Another way to let your curls cool and set is by pinning up the curls. Here's how:
Once you curl a section of hair, release the hair in the palm of your hands and slowly curl the hair upwards, right up to your root and pin it in place with a bobby pin. Repeat the process for all the sections in your hair, spray lightly with hair spray and then release the pins a section at a time. 

Tip 6
For those who like the wavy, natural look (achieved using a thick barrel) but find their waves fall out within an hour, try curling your hair with a smaller curling barrel instead. That way, your curls come out a lot tighter, but will eventually fall out to beautiful waves by the time you need to go!

Tip 7
If you can, try and avoid conditioner or any deep conditioning lotions/creams prior to curling your hair as these products tend to weigh your hair down, making it almost impossible to curl!

Here's how I usually like to curl my hair (I'm using a NUME 32mm Magic Wand here):

See you in the next post, lovelies! 


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  1. I'm definitely going to give these tips a try :) My hair is so long and I love it curled but it drops so quickly!

    Thanks for the fab post



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